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Pearls Gift Card

Product Code: JPJL-18-070


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Product Details
Pearls Gift Card By Sri Jagdamba pearls

            1) Pearls Gift Card By Sri Jagdamba Pearls redeemable on all Pearls Jewellery
            2) Redeemable by bearer for merchandise at Sri Jagdamba Pearls stores and Sri Jagdamba Pearls E-Store:
            3) Gift card is valid for 36 months after the date of issue. Unused balance in the card will expire after validity period
            4) To redeem this Gift Card on Sri Jagdamba Pearls E-Store: enter the gift card number and pin before making payment
            5) This gift card cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged for cash.
            6) To Verify your remaining balance, Please Visit
            7) Gift Cards are normally delivered within 2 to 4 working days. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 - 48 hours
            8) No returns and no refunds on Gift Cards, E-Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers issued/shipped by Sri Jagdamba Pearls
            9) This Gift Card Cannot be redeemed on Gold & Silver Coins
Product Information
  • Product Code
  • Product Name
    Pearls Gift Card
  • Brand
    Sri Jagdamba Pearls
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Gift Card FAQ

 I just received a Sri Jagdamba Pearls Gift Card. How do I use it?
For making a purchase with your Gift Card on E-Store: www.Jpears.Com  website simply enter your 16 digit Gift card number and 6 digit PIN at the checkout page.The purchase amount will be deducted from your Gift Card's available balance.
How do I check the available balance or expiry date on my Gift Card?
To check Gift Card balance, click on  then, enter 16 digit card no. and 6 digit pin OR To Verify your remaining balance, 
Does Sri Jagdamba Pearls Gift Cards expire?
Yes, Sri Jagdamba Pearls Gift Card expires in 36 months from date of issue and expiry date get extended after a reload transaction. Extension period is 36 months from the reload date. Reload can be done after expiry and expired balance on the Card get carried forward on reload            

When is the Sri Jagdamba Pearls issued E-Gift Card sent to the recipient?
The Gift Card email is typically sent to the recipient within 24 hours of your purchase. If a Gift Card has not arrived within a reasonable time-frame please ensure that recipient checks e-mail'Spam/Junk' inbox before contacting Sri Jagdamba Pearls Customer Support Team @ 9030055288.

How do I cancel a Gift Card?
For Sri Jagdamba Pearls issued Gift Cards, we will not be able to perform cancellations and refunds after you have placed the order. Please review your order to ensure value entered is correct and the recipient details are accurate before completing your purchase.
Gift cards purchased from different merchants, you should contact the business provider or establishment who you purchased the Gift Card from, to cancel it.

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