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    What is Uphaar Saving Scheme ?
    The Uphaar Saving Scheme, brought to you by Sri Jagdamba Pearls, is one of the best Jewellery Purchase Saving Schemes ever, leading to an easy purchase of Sri Jagdamba Pearls Jewellery of your choice .Under the scheme, you can buy for more value than what you pay – because Sri Jagdamba Pearls will add a special contribution at the end of the scheme.

    What are the option available under Uphaar Saving Scheme ?
    Pearl: 10+10
    Gold: 10+1
    Diamond: 10+2

    Why should I enroll Uphaar Saving Scheme ?
    Besides helping you plan your jewellery purchases in advance, it also helps in investing in small amounts – hence not a big burden to pay at once. Moreover, Sri Jagdamba Pearls contribution at the end of the scheme on Jewellery purchase makes it even more exciting! Enrolling in the Uphaar Saving Scheme signifies an Advance being given for purchase of Jewellery.

    What Benefits Do I Get On Enrolling For Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme, Besides Extra Contribution By Sri Jagdamba Pearls At The End Of The Scheme?
    Highest Return
    Wide Range of Jewellery
    Flexibility in Paying Installement
    Low Investment
    Trusted Jeweller

    Will there be GST ?
    Yes.  GST and any other Government levies will be borne by member at the time of redemption.

    What if I buy Jewellery exceeding my maturity amount ?
    Additional charges as applicable will be charged on the excess amount. E.g. if your maturity amount is Rs 50000 including Sri Jagdamba contribution and selected Jewellery item’s value is Rs 60000, balance amount of Rs 10000 additional charges is applicable.

    Who can enroll ?
    Anybody above 18 years of age is eligible to enroll for Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme.

    How do I enroll for Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme ?
    You can enroll for Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme either in any of the Sri Jagdamba Pearls Stores or Online (

    How do I enroll for Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme Online ?
    To enroll for Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme online, you need to register yourself by filling the registration form and one of our team member will get back to you to complete the registration process.

    Can I enroll now & Pay later ?
    No, you need to pay the first installment before you are given an enrollment number.

    If I Have Enrolled Online, Can I Pay At The Sri Jagdamba Pearls Store?
    Yes, If you’ve registered online, you can pay the next installments at any Sri Jagdamba Pearls store.

    If I Have Enrolled At The Showroom, Can I Pay Online?
    Yes, if you’ve enrolled at the Showroom, you can pay the installments through online banking to Sri Jagdamba Pearls Bank Account.

    Can I Change My Scheme After Enrollment?
    Once the first installment is paid, you can change the scheme but after 6th Installment you cannot change the scheme.

    Who Is A Nominee? Who Can I Nominate?
    In the event of death of the Scheme holder, the account is transferable only to the person whose nomination has been filled by the Scheme holder in the enrolment form at the time of opening the account (nominee details).

    How Can I Know My Payment Status?
    Whenever you want to know your scheme/payment status, you can WhatsApp @ 7207207142

    Do I Get Any Payment Alerts?
    Yes, during enrollment, if you opt for getting SMS reminders, you’ll receive reminder and confirmation messages for all payments.

    How Do I Know If My Payment Has Been Credited To My Uphaar Jewellery Saving Scheme Account?
    You’ll get a confirmation email & SMS confirming your payment. You can also WhatsApp @ 7207207142 for payment details.

    Can I Pay All Installments At Once?
    Ideally, you have to pay installments every month. However, if you want you can pre pone and pay all installments but redemption can be done only after maturity date.

    What is Maturity date?
    Maturity date is 10 months from the date of enrolment.

    What Can I Buy?
    You can buy anything as per Scheme you have enrolled. Only Gold Coins and Silver Coins cannot be purchased under the scheme.

    Where Can I Buy From?
    You can buy from any of the Sri Jagdamba Pearls Store or E-Store:

    Can I Buy Online?
    Yes, you can buy online Sri Jagdamba Pearls E-Store: For any help regarding buy online (E-Store:  WhatsApp @ 9030055288

    What Do I Need To Carry At The Time Of Redemption?
    You need to carry your valid photo-id proof (Ration Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ PAN Card/ Voter Id) to the Sri Jagdamba Pearls Store after the maturity date of the scheme.
    It is also recommended that you carry the Uphaar Enrollment Book given at the time of enrollment.

    Can My Friend / Relative Redeem On My Behalf?
    Only in case you’ve nominated anyone during enrolment, they can redeem on your behalf by giving a copy of their valid photo id proof , not otherwise.

    Till When Can I Redeem My Scheme?
    You are advised to redeem your Scheme latest by 3 months post the maturity date.

    Can I Change The Store Selected For Redemption?
    Yes, post enrolling, you can redeem any of the Sri Jagdamba Pearls Store.

    Can I Get Buy Before The Account Gets Matured?
    You can buy for the amount accumulated till date, but you lose out on Sri Jagdamba Pearls Contribution, in case you buy before the maturity date.

    Can I Get Cash Refund?
    No. Cash refund is not possible under Uphaar Jewellery Saving scheme.

    What if I discontinue?
    Members who choose to discontinue (Members who have discontinued paying installments) will not be eligible for Sri Jagdamba Pearls Contribution. However member can buy Jewellery for the amount accumulated till date.